Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Expanding our Territory

Hello from the Hoogeveen’s,    
     Moving here to Puerto Rico as missionaries has been tough. Maybe not in the way most people think, nonetheless it has been tough. Prior to moving here, and getting down and dirty when it comes to mission work I had a vision of a missionary; I mean how can I not. There are TV commercials with a gentle looking man with a grey beard and a soft, humble voice, holding starving children asking for our help. We see movie stars doing the same thing. There are mission organizations all over the world posting pictures of starving children, no clean water, thatch roof homes and no modern technology.  The images of dry dirty land and sewer plagued slop pits fill our minds when we hear the word missionary. The image of the mission field is practically forced upon us. Now, do not misunderstand me, all this and more is truth and needs the help from the Christian Church. We are not to neglect those in these conditions. Africa, Haiti, China and many other places need Jesus and they need missionaries. However, God has not called us to those places.  He has called us to the Caribbean. A visual paradise where just in the town we live in seeing Maserati’s, Porches and Ferraris are becoming normal to see. The land here is beautiful. 300 miles of public beach area, palm trees, sun and tropical breeze. Those starving here are starving by choice. The reality is, there is very little need in the Caribbean in comparison to most areas where missionaries go. As you can imagine, we have had people question our motive, question the reason we are here. People have even questioned if we are here because of God. This has been hard. There has been days where I feel guilty for being here. Then God tells me, “I sent you so stop feeling guilty.”  That takes the guilt away for a while but when the next comment is made it comes right back. Which got me thinking…Why is it that people don’t understand why we are here? What is the draw to those “other” mission fields? I don’t hear people telling those I know who go to Africa and Haiti the things we hear? Actually, we see so much financial support to those who go there. We are so thankful for that and for them, but we have to wonder, why is it so hard to get people to support what we do here? Then the Lord did something while we were meeting with Julian. He opened my eyes and my heart to the issue. The thing is giving material things and building physical things are relatively simple and there is a visible finished product or the feeling of doing good. But is that what missions is all about? What about the broken, the lost, the Christ-less nations of the wealthy? What about the beauty and the splendor God has created? Do these areas not need Jesus? Are these areas not spiritually bankrupt?  Does God’s Word not say that money is the root of all kinds of evil? Does God’s Word not say that it is hard for a rich man to enter heaven? Why then is it so hard to go to the places where the rich are? Why then is it so difficult to see people living where the monetarily wealthy but spiritually bankrupt live, for the sake of the gospel?
I was challenged to read Matthew 25:35-40. I was challenged to read and ask God what this says about the wealthy. Now as most of you know, this is seemingly not a verse about wealthy people who live on an island and drive Ferraris. However, The Lord gave me something I wish to share with you. As I was reading this scripture the Holy Spirit spoke to me and this is what He said.
“For when I was feasting and indulging on lobster and New York Strip, I was still hungry and your people have not come. When I was drinking the oldest wine and water so refined I was still thirsty and your people have not come. All people know me and respect me, yet I am a stranger and your people have not come. I wear Versace and Dior and yet I am naked, yet your people have not come. I drink $50 grass shakes every morning and visit the health spa daily, and yet I am sick and dying, yet your people have not come. My house is a fortress and I live my life in paradise, yet I am lonely and desire visitors and yet your people do not come.
 How then can my people answer, Lord when did we see you hungry and feed you or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or naked and cloth you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?
Yet it is true that the Lord will reply, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”
If we who have been called to the Caribbean do not answer this call who will? If because of beauty and riches we neglect this call, who will rescue the spiritually bankrupt of the Caribbean? Who will come to be persecuted, spit on, rejected, mocked, and laughed at? Who? If not us, then who? If not now, then when?
     The Lord has started to open doors we once only dreamed of. As many of you know our first year here came with a lot of ups and downs, zigs and zags. We were trying to find our place here on the island. The first 8 months was especially hard as we were all full of spit and vinegar ready to minister the entire island. We did all kinds of stuff from food handouts to the homeless, working with Hogar En Hacor (the girls home), and joining the leadership team at The Center Church Puerto Rico, among countless other things. All of which the Lord had us involved with for a short season for a specific purpose. We do however feel that we have made an impact in these areas and will continue to serve at The Center Church as our home church here and will continue to be connected with Four Hearts, which is the ministry that first came along side Hogar En- Hacor. Our role with Four Hearts however will be more defined and directed at what we have been called here to do, which is discipleship.
    Our first year here was chapter one of our story; chapter one being about relationships. The Lord knew that in order for us to be effective we needed relationships. We now know people, people know us and we have at least some sort of influence on the island now. People know we know people and know we will be here for a while. This has led us into the beginning of chapter two; Chapter two being Strategy. Ironically this has now led us to more, deeper relationships. We recently were introduced to Julian and Cindy by Julio and Stacy. Julio and Stacy are missionaries here in Cabo Rojo. Julian and Cindy are missionaries here in Mayaguez. Julian pastors Union Church which is where Julio and Stacy attend and minster at. Julian also does mission work in Haiti. Jacob and myself sat down with Julian two weeks ago and the Lord led us to partnering together to minister throughout the entire Caribbean. This has been a prayer Jennifer and I have been praying as it is something we felt the Lord telling us shortly after we arrived to Puerto Rico. Julian and Cindy have been on the island for 8 years and have seen a lot. Julian also grew up in the Virgin Islands and knows a ton about the spiritual makeup of the Caribbean. We have talked several times a week since then as we start to stratigize our next step. We knew, and shared this with several people when we moved to Puerto Rico, that PR was just a stepping stone to what God has in store for the ministry he has prepared for us. 
     Since our stepping down from leadership at CCPR, our personal discipleship ministry has hit hyper-drive. We are using the Three Thirds House Church Format from Pastor Briton at Moran Park. Checkout  which we will continue to implement here in Puerto Rico and elsewhere in the Caribbean as the Lord leads. Our good friend Danny, who is preparing to be a missionary at Grand Valley University, has been learning from me how to use the same format also. We have regular Skype meetings as I disciple him through the process. Danny too is seeing amazing results. The house church the Lord led us to start is seeing supernatural spiritual growth. Jacob was baptized two weeks ago and since then has shared with me that he feels the Lord calling him into missions. He has already started to share the gospel with his neighbors and is getting ready to launch a house church that we will be assisting with. Maricelle is being baptized on the 26th of this month as well. Richard has been sharing the gospel at work and is seeing amazing personal growth too. I just finished up Rooted with the leadership at CCPR, they will now be opening up Rooted to the entire church! Rooted is a discipleship program that the Lord led Jennifer and I to bring to Pastor Efren at CCPR. We had gone through and led a group through Rooted at Ridge Point Community Church in Holland, Michigan. We are excited to see how the Lord uses Rooted at Pastor Efren’s Church. As far as our personal involvement with Rooted here, we are stepping out and letting Efren lead his church in the manner God has called him to lead it.

As we move into this next phase we ask that you partner with us in prayer as we look towards God for the next steps. Thank you for all of your support.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Do life, build life

Today our family was extremely blessed to go to El Yunque Rain Forest today with a family from Church. For us doing life is more than just knowing names or grabbing a bite to eat, it's actually living life with each other. How else are relationships supposed to grow? 
We were so blessed today. Today was more of a blessing for us than for those we were with today I think. The Lord is good.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Funday

Today at CCPR we had Morning of Worship. The entire service was dedicated to worship. It was amazing and powerful. Tears flowed as we worshiped in awe of our Lord. 
After church Bridger and I attempted to go to Old San Juan, there was a Circus Festival going on this weekend. We went to get on the ferry and the line was way to long. So Bridger decided that he wanted to go walk around Walmart and Walgreens instead. Hey you can't complain when your 9 year old just wants to go look at toys. I'm proud of him, he had 9 dollars and only bought one Hotwheels car and a Cadbury Egg. 
Now we are home relaxing, sitting on the hammock on the front porch while Bridger catches lizards and the other two are watching a movie. I am trying to motivate myself to finish up some homework. Tomorrow we will be gone all day with a family from church, we are going to El Yunque Rain Forest. 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Football, Rooted, Discipling and Downtime

Today was a good day. Blake had his final football game before the playoffs begin. His team The Dorado Spartens ended the regular season with one loss and rank 2nd. Today Blake made a touchdown and an interception. So proud of him.
After the game it was off to Rooted. Today's topic was finances. We had some great conversations about what Gods word says about them. 
Sherlyn of course made tacos. She is an amazing cook! 
Then I had an amazing conversation with a pastor/missionary who lives in Cabo Rojo, PR. We are meeting this Tuesday to talk about discipleship and what God is doing. 
Side note, Jennifer and I also watched Everest tonight. It's a great movie.

Well, I'm gonna try to post posts like this more often. I just need to get in the habit of it. 
Have a blessed night.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

What good is knowledge if we don't use it?

     What is knowledge if you don't know how to use it? This seems to be an epidemic in the Church today. There are a lot of wonderful pastors teaching truth that must be taught. But we have to wonder, If there are great pastors teaching such great truths and churches are filled with people learning this truth, than why is the church declining and the gospel message so rejected? 
     There was this young man who wanted to play football, specifically he wanted to be a quarterback. So he studied football. He knew every play possible. He knew what equipment was needed and he even bought all the equipment. He bought the best money could by. He went to football conferences where the techniques were taught and learned from NFL greats. If you asked this young man anything about football, he could tell you. Stats, plays, name it. He then started to teach what he had learned. One day a young man came up to this now adult man and asked him a question. The question was, "Can you show me how to do what you are teaching?" There was a stunned silence. This man had never actually gotten on a field, no one ever actually demonstrated to him how to implement the knowledge he had learned. His response was, "I can teach you what I have learned." The young man walked away with his head looking down, he said, "No thank you, I actually want to play football.
     Church we need to stop learning so much and start doing. In the past 7-9 weeks we have been, not only learning from Pastor Britton, but actually implementing what we are being taught, as is Pastor Britton. What we have seen the Holy Spirit do in the past 6 week is amazing. Through simple obedience and action the gospel has gone out. More than that, there are brothers and sisters who six weeks ago were not saved or were saved but had never shared the gospel with anyone, accepting Christ, being baptized and sharing the gospel. But not only that ,they are actually discipling others to obey Gods Word!!!! 
     Since the Lord opened the door for us to start a house church we have been blessed to baptize one brother and have had a commitment to be baptized by another sister. This past Saturday Jacob was baptized into the body of Christ and on the 26th Maricell will be baptized as well. Mind you the house church consists of 10 people, that's including five children. The Holy Spirit is moving folks. Jacob has already started to speak into the life of others and is getting ready to start discipling. Richard and Maricell have shared the gospel at work and with family. When we put into action what we are taught and teach amazing things happen.
     I am so tired of hearing people talk the talk and not walking the walk. Being a Christian is not so much about the knowledge we have as much as it is how we use that knowledge. If we have all the knowledge but do not actually implement it ourselves is that love? I heard once that you do not truly know Jesus if you are not telling others about him. That seems pretty harsh, but I believe that is true. How can you personally know the creator of the universe, savior of our souls, the one who died and suffered for us, the one who gives us our blessings and not share Him with anyone? If you are a Christian, people what who you have! They may have had the wrong impression of who Jesus is and maybe have been taught some false information, but nonetheless, they want Jesus. I mean look at the world today. Everything everyone seems to be about is what Jesus offers, they just don't know Jesus offers it. Free Healthcare? Jesus is our healer. World Peace? Jesus gives that peace. Protection? Jesus offers protection. Pleasure? Who do you think created pleasure? Need I go on?
      Its our job to share that with the world. Its our job to share Jesus. Its your job to share Jesus. 
Matthew 28:16-20 Jesus teaches the disciples to go and make disciples. This a commission given to all followers of Jesus, ALL! But if we are not discipled and discipling, how can we obey the command of Jesus in Matthew 28?

Jake, post baptism😊

Edwin, a new friend from the homeless food hand out.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Ministry Update Jan 2016

     The past year has been a huge blessing. Upon entering the doors of The Center Church PR, in Dorado, PR, we knew that the Lord had led us there. The Holy Spirit filled us and we knew that CCPR was to be our church home while on the island. As we continued to attend service and serve in multiple areas we were asked to join the leadership team at CCPR. After praying about this and seeking what the Lord would have us do we accepted the invitation. Over the past year we have been blessed to serve in multiple avenues at CCPR. Our family has helped host a 70 person mission team from Tennessee, served at outreach events, served in children’s ministry, served Pastor Efren in facilities duties and we have worked with Pastor Efren and Monica to implement a duplicatable leadership and discipleship process at CCPR.  We are very excited that on Saturday January 23rd I will be facilitating the leadership team at CCPR through a course called Rooted. This is a program that Jennifer and I have gone through and led at Ridge Point Community Church. Which was our home church for 12 years in Michigan. It had such an impact in our lives we had the desire to see others experience what the Lord does through this course. Rooted PR will be an 8 week course based on leadership and discipleship. The goal is to duplicate this into multiple small groups. There is much more that CCPR will be doing over the next year to focus on discipleship and spreading the gospel message. Rooted is just the beginning of an amazing 2016 year at CCPR. Both Jennifer and myself feel extremely blessed to be entrusted with the leadership of CCPR as we take them through Rooted, and we are excited to see God do amazing things through them.
     With all this being said, the Lord has been speaking to Jennifer and myself and has opened doors for us that we have been praying for over the past year.  Over the past year the Lord has allowed us to build relationships with many people. We knew when we moved here that discipleship was our main focus but we did not know exactly what this looked like.  Do we work exclusively with one church? Do we work with multiple churches? Do we even work with a church? Do we start our own ministry? These are all questions and prayers that we have had over the past year. During the past 5 months or so the vision of what the Lord has called us to do has gotten clearer and clearer almost by the day. It all goes back to what the Lord spoke to me while I was here in Puerto Rico in July of 2014. I was asking God what our ministry was to look like here. His answer was that we were to do ministry just as Jesus did ministry. Jesus did not have a ministry. He WAS the ministry. Jesus walked this earth and taught his disciples that their life was to be their ministry. Not ministry their life. At first this was hard for us to understand. But, as time has gone by we are seeing what that really means. When Jesus is your all, your life is a reflection of Jesus all the time. Not just in “ministry” but in everyday life. But what did this mean for us?  We are still not fully clear as I do not think we ever will be, and that’s not a bad thing. We started to realize that the type of ministry the Lord had called us to did not allow for us to be doing ministry under only one roof or under only one church. We have been called not only to serve our local church body, but to also reach out to those in other churches and those not even going to church. To build relationships and do ministry with people from multiple bodies for the purpose of what Jesus prays in John 17. This was a difficult concept to take in, but we could already see how God was allowing us to do this.  Who are we to help create unity among the Church? But, if God has called us then we will listen knowing He will equip us. So, after much prayer, conversations and counseling we have made the decision to open up a spot on the Leadership team at CCPR for someone who has been called to specifically help CCPR fulfill their mission that the Lord has given them.  By our stepping down this will allow us not only to minister and serve at CCPR, but this will open up new doors for us to minister in ways that CCPR has not been called to do. Doors have already started to open and we are so excited to see God move and change lives. As for who we will be held accountable to, that will be “In His Presence Worship Center”. This is the church and Pastor that I am ordained under and have been counseling with over the past year. When we left Michigan we technically were not under an sort of accountability. We had the Support of Seven Hills church, but that was about all. As we got more involved with CCPR they became our accountability by default. By coming fully under In His Presence Worship, they will become the church we are help accountable to as well as the church we will represent as missionaries. Pastor Georges calling gives us the freedom to do what we have been called to do in fulfilling the Great Commissions. We feel this is a huge step in the right direction as God continues to lead us.
     The girl’s home we have been working with will open back up in February and we will start working there as soon as they open. There has been a lot of work done there over the past couple months and we are praying that the home will gain occupancy very soon. We have recently had conversations with Danica from 4 HEARTS, which is the organization we’re working with at the home, about what a partnership with them may look like concerning having a discipleship training through the 4 HEARTS ministry. We also have been helping them put together their missions, vision and purpose statements.
     We now have had two house gatherings at a family’s home that we met through Blake’s football team. Jacob, a young man I have been mentoring has also been coming with us. We have been studying and learning from Pastor Britton from Moran Park Church in Michigan. It’s a concept for spreading the gospel through house gatherings/house churches. These are not intended to lead people away from their church gathering but actually just the opposite. These are intended to lead people to Jesus and train them how to disciple, so in whatever church body they belong to they will be equipped to go and make disciples. The fruit we have seen over the past couple weeks is astonishing! The Holy Spirit is working in many lives!
     With the coming of this change also comes the necessity to change our support avenue. Currently all tax deductible support is sent to CCPR, as Pastor Efren and his leadership has been gracious in allowing us to use CCPR as our support avenue thus far.
As of March 1st 2016 all tax deductible support should be sent to:

In His Presence Worship Center
134 Zachary DR.
Carrollton, GA. 30117

Checks should be made out to:
In His Presence Worship Center  
In the memo line write: John Hoogeveen/Puerto Rico

     On a more personal note. The kids are getting involved with so much here. Blake has started his second season of American Football, he is starting on the varsity team at Defensive Back and Tight End.  Dallas is starting her second play at the theater class at the local library and Bridger has joined Boy Scouts and loves it. We have also joined a new homeschool group which the kids really enjoy. They are doing a play through the homeschool group as well as helping out at a farm. Blake and Dallas continue to be involved with the Youth Group at CCPR. All three are making new friends and are being invited over to their homes and vice versa. They all have adjusted very well and are enjoying their island life.
     Jennifer has also been busy. She continues to run and has joined a running group with some friends. This a great time for her just to hang out and be with the girls. She is training for the San Juan Marathon in March. The Lord has given Jennifer a nitch, and that is watching over children. She is a nanny for a family, who believe it or not is from Holland, MI. She also babysits for several other families and continues to clean a couple homes. I graduated from Liberty University this past December with my AA in Religion and have started my BS in Evangelism/Church Planting. We also have the island guiding that we do as a small income. We recently took a family from Canada to the Indian Caves and some waterfalls.  This not only gives us an opportunity to do fun things while making a little money, it gives us the opportunity to share why we are here and about Jesus. People always ask why we are here.

     We thank you for all you support and constant prayers as we could not do this without them. Please follow us on our Facebook page, Matthew 28 Missions. As this is where the most frequent updates are given. You can also follow our blog at,

In Christ,
John, Jennifer, Blake, Dallas and Bridger Hoogeveen



Saturday, January 9, 2016

To God Be The Glory: Testimony of Gods abundent faithfulness (Through our truck)

Revelation 12:11 says that we defeat the devil by the blood of The Lamb and the word of our testimony.    
     Our God is amazing! He is faithful and his word is truth. Jesus tells us that we may ask him anything and he will give it to us. We must understand that there is a heart condition that we must be aware of when asking. There is much more to study on this subject. In the simplest form, when we ask for the purpose of Gods glory, Jesus will give us what we ask for. Jesus even gives more than we ask for sometimes! John 14:13-14 says this, " And I will do whatever you ask in my name so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name and I will do it." When our faith and our hearts are in the right position watch out!
      As you all know our 1988 Isuzu Trooper has been good to us for the past year. The Lord provided this truck for is in the season we needed it. However, she has past on and is no longer able to help us server the Lord. We have been asking God what he has for us. We knew that he had the perfect car out there for us, we just had to find it. All we knew is that we needed something that sat at least 7 people. This is so we can take people along with us when we go places and do ministry. After many many blessing from our church family at CCPR with rides and loaned cars, other friends of ours felt led to loan us their car until we could get one of our own. This was a huge blessing as we no longer needed to ask for rides. After a few days of using their car, the Lord had put on their heart that they were to start a car fund for us. Mind you we have only know these friends for a couple months. They are the friends that introduced us to the Girls home we work with, Hogar En-Hacor. They then contacted Pastor Efren at CCPR about how they could get involved. Pastor Efren then posted on social media and announced at church that this car fund was going on. Two days after the fundraiser started we received a call from a man in West Michigan that we knew of. This however was prior to the fundraiser being put out on mass social media, and we did not promote it at all. We had only met maybe one time. For sake of humbleness I will not mention his name. The Lord had impressed on his heart to donate $5000 for a new car!!! We were shocked!!! We were hoping for $3000 to buy something. We now had $2000 more than we were hoping for!!! Within a week another nearly $2000 came in, we were then at  nearly $7000! We have a friend who the Lord speaks to very clearly through scripture with specific words. He had used her in our life already this way. I asked her to pray for God to show her what car he had for us. So she began to pray.
      Knowing we had almost $7000 I went out with a friend last Saturday looking at cars. Our intention was to look and see what our options were. We drove about 20 minutes to the West looking for cars. He was shocked that we could only find two cars even worth looking at. As we were driving I got a text from my friend. The Lord had given her something. She was in His Word when she was led to the book of Ester. In Ester 3:7 the month of Nisan (Nissan is a car if you did not catch that) is talked about. Really!!! Nisan!!!! The Lord literally led her to the name of a car! Then he led her to Amos. In her Bible in the footnotes there was a description of a specific distance, which was five miles. She looked and there was a Nissan dealer 5 miles from her house. We were sure this was the Lord speaking to us. We were to look 5 miles from her house for a Nissan.
     So, I informed my friend who was with me looking at cars what the Lord had said. We continued to stop by a few more dealers before he asked where this dealer was. After calling the dealer we found out that they had 1 Nissan Pathfinder that seats 7. So, we turned around and headed 30-40 min in the opposite direction. Upon arriving at this dealership we saw the truck. Took a look at it but did not feel this was the one. There were a few other dealers on the same road so we drove to one more. We asked what they had, but they did not know so the dealer went inside to check. We proceeded to look around. Now at this point I have to tell you this. A friend from church has been telling us for the past few months that the Lord was telling her that he was going to get us a white car. We did not want a white car. But, as God loves humor, as we were walking there sat a WHITE NISSAN PATHFINDER THAT SAT SEVEN! We looked at it and I knew this was the one. Upon looking at the price it was $4000 more than we had at the moment. But I knew this was the truck. The Lord had told me it was. I proceeded to share the story I have shared with you thus far with the dealer, and prayed with him as he went to talk to the manager. He came back and said that he wants to help us as much as he can. So, we test drove it and then went inside to talk details. I was upfront with him. I said I had $7000 and if we could get it to that price it would be great. He was only able to get another $500 off. Which I was very grateful for. Yet I knew this was the truck. He asked if I had any money to put down on it so they could hold it until Tuesday, this was as long as they could hold it. (The fundraiser officially ends tomorrow) I had $40 cash. He said he would see what he could do with $40. While he was gone we noticed a picture of Jesus in the dealers office. Jesus was looking right at us. We then noticed in the office next-door  a statue that read, God Bless You! Both my friend and I were amazed. God was right there with us. We smiled and laughed. To be honest, I still had my doubts. He came back and they were willing to hold it for $40!!!!  Really? Then the dealer said that he needed to give me his personal number as he had no card yet. the first three numbers of his phone number are 777!!!! (Gods Number) I knew right there that God was all over this! So I had them hold the truck, not knowing how we were gonna come up with $3500 in three days. But God is faithful and I know his voice. This was our truck.
     Upon leaving the dealer I called my friend who the Lord had spoken to her previously and shared with her about the truck and asked her to pray for the $3500. Shortly after she talked with the man who gave the $5000. He asked how the truck hunt was going. She told him and he asked how much more was needed. She also told him that. He said ok let me pray and talk to others. I went home happy but still not sure how the Lord was gonna do this. Monday morning came and no more money had come in. I was honestly getting a little doubtful. Maybe I heard God wrong. Maybe all these signs were just by chance. Then God did the unthinkable!! My friend called me at this moment. She said that the man she had talked to about the amount needed has come up with the $3500!!! He told her to tell me to go buy the truck and go make disciples!!! WHAT!!!! GOD JUST PROVIDED $10,500 FOR A NEW CAR!!!!!! So, Tuesday I went and paid almost $7000 and Thursday I paid the remaining balance. We now are using Gods truck, a White 2005 Nissan Pathfinder that seats 7 people. Funny, 7 seats (that is Gods favorite number. White color. (Jesus washes white as snow) Pathfinder (we are showing people the path and walking the narrow path)
     One thing the Lord does is leave no room for man to get the glory. All the glory goes to Him!!
When we give our lives fully to the Lord, and all we do is for His glory, life changes. Material blessing will come yes, but that is not the point. The point is how those blessings come and from whom!! Jesus Christ calls us to a full life in him. A full life means our entire life is lived for Him, good or bad. When times are great we praise the Lord and give Him glory. When times are tough we praise him and give him glory. We can only do this once we understand that we are not here for ourselves. We are not here for our glory, our comfort, our good life, our pleasure, our anything. We are here for the glory of God through his Son Jesus!
I pray this testimony builds your faith in our Father. Trust Him, he will provide.